Back home

Hi Everyone.
We had a really rough plane ride home. The weather in Sydney was windy, cloudy & raining so when we were descending there was lots of turbulence. It made the plane really bumpy. We finally arrived safely.
Then we had a long wait through customs.
We had Maccas for tea & went to find our hire car.
It was a long drive home. Kayden & I fell asleep in the car.
This morning it was so hot in Fiji then when we got to Sydney this afternoon it was freezing.
I can’t wait to pick Harley & Roxy up tomorrow. I have missed them a lot.

On our way home

I just got up & it is our last day. We are being picked up at 10am to go to the airport. Our flight is at 1.30pm & we will get to Sydney at 4.30pm. I am going for breakfast now & having one last swim.
See you when I get back home :)

Day 15

Only 1 more sleep until we go home.
We all had a really busy day today.
After breakfast Daddy & I had a scuba diving lesson. It was fun but it was really hard to breath because it is compressed air in the cylinder. Daddy enjoyed it & he did the afternoon lesson as well. Then Kayden & Daddy went for a bike ride around the resort. They had fun. After another swim I had all of my braids re done. The lady that did my hair last year named Josie did my hair again. I now have 20 corn braids & 51 normal braids. It looks really cool. It took 4 hours to do my hair.
I was so hot. So I had a swim to cool off.
Then we went & played putt putt together. Daddy won.
Then we met Nanny & Poppy at the Coral pool. After we had a swim we went back to our room & got ready for tea.
On our way to the restaurant we went shopping to Jacks.
We went to Geckos again for tea & the show. Nanny & Poppy gave Dosi & his brother a Newcastle knights hat. They loved it.
When we got back to the resort we played air hockey at the games room. It was fun.
Now it is time to go to bed. My last night in Fiji.
Moce (goodnight)

Day 14

Only 2 more sleeps until we come home.
Today Kayden & I went to kids club. We watched the coconut climbing. Then I went to play putt putt with some new friends. Tegan is from Melbourne & we played putt putt together. After a swim we went back to kids club & made a shell bracelet. Then I had my face painted & Kayden had his arm painted.
After lots of ice cream, swimming & snorkeling we went to cafe coral for lunch & then another swim.
Before we went back to our room I had a hot chocolate.
On our way back to our room we watched the sunset & Mummy took lots of photos of me.
We then went to the Beach Bar & Grill for tea. There was a sea snake under the deck & it kept popping its head out of the garden to scare us. Sea snakes are scary.

Day 13

This morning the local village ladies were set up on the lagoon lawn with some pottery to sell. We could also choose to make something like a turtle or a bowl. I made a turtle because turtles are good luck. It was fun making the turtle with clay. I put patterns on it with a sharp stick. My hands were sticky & brown from the clay.
We all went snorkeling again today. There are lots of sea snakes in the water. They are black & white stripes with a yellow head.
I swam in the pool & played water volleyball. It is so hot in Fiji. So it is nice to be in the pool.
I have had lots of ice cream everyday too.
After a relaxing day swimming we went to Geckos restaurant for tea. The food is yummy at Geckos. Dosi was there again helping his Aunty sell jewellery.
We watched a show of Fijian dancers & fire dancers. They even got all of the kids on the stage to do a dance. Then they got all of the men, then all of the ladies to do dances as well. It was lots of fun :)

Day 12

Today we had a fun day at the beach & the pool. We all went snorkeling after breakfast. We saw lots of colourful fish, starfish & Long Toms. Long Toms look scary cause they have a big spikey nose. Mummy saw a huge sea snake. The Fijians said that the seas are about to get rough so the sea snakes come closer to shore. So we will probably see more. After snorkeling & a swim in the pool. Daddy, Poppy, Kayden & I went kayaking. We could see lots of fish & we also saw a sea snake. I’m glad I was in the kayak.
After lunch we went to go snorkeling again but when I was sitting in the water puting my snorkel on something landed on my head. I didn’t know what it was so I tried to brush it away. It stung my finger & I was screaming. Daddy tried to pull the stinger out but some got left in my finger so Mummy took me to the 1st aid people but they just put vinegar on it. They didn’t have tweezers so Daddy ran up to our room to get tweezers & panadol. But I was in so much pain that Mummy used a syringe needle to dig & get it out. It felt so much better when Mummy got it out. I was so scared because I didn’t know what bit me. When Mummy & Daddy went back out snorkeling they found a bee floating in the water right where we were. When we all finished swimming we got ready & went to the Bilo Bar for happy hour. All the Mums & Dads drank cocktails & the kids sat on a mat with a Fijian man named David. David has worked here since 1972. He told us traditional Fiji stories, played the guitar & taught us some Fijian words. It was fun :) We also got to see the sunset. It was really pretty. Then we went to a local village & ate tea at a restaurant called Tom Lous. Now it is time for bed.
Moce :)

Day 11

Today we ate breakfast at the Takali, it was yummy. After breakfast we walked around the resort & did some shopping. We walked to the Marine Centre. It was so cool. The lady at the centre taught me some cool things about the ocean. I learnt that if starfish lose an arm that it will grow back in about 1 month.
Then we explored the water out the front of our room. I saw lots of blue starfish, vacuum cleaners (they clean the ocean floor) & colourful fish. When Nanny, Mummy & I were standing in the water this fish came & bit mummy on the leg. It bit Mummy so hard that it was bleeding. Then a few minutes later Daddy screamed & jumped in the air, he got bitten too. It was so funny it looked like Daddy was walking on water because he was trying to get away fast. Daddys leg was bleeding too. When we got out we asked a Fijian man what the fish are. He said that they are called a Grunter. He laughed at us & said that they don’t bite him & that they only bite us because of the colour of our skin. Hahaha :)
Then we walked down to the Lagoon pool for a swim. It was beautiful, it is so hot in Fiji.
I also went snorkeling with Mum & Dad. It was cool until I saw some really huge fish. They were so scary but I still had fun. Then we went to the Shangri-La cocktail party. Nanny & Poppy have stayed here 4 times now so they had to be inducted to the Bilo Bar. They even got a present & a badge that they have to wear. After the cocktail party we went to Geckos for tea. It was yummy. We met a local boy there that was helping his mum at the jewellery market. His name was Dosi. Mum bought him an ice cream. It made him so happy. After tea we came back & now it is time for bed.
Moce :)

Arrived at the Shangril-La

Last day at the Outrigger & 1st day at the Shangri-La.
After breakfast I went for my last swim at the Outrigger. Then we packed our bags to go to the Shangri-La.
My corn braids that I had done at the Outrigger started to fall out so Mummy took me to Paulinies on the Sunset strip to have them redone. Paulinie was very nice. My braids look much better now :)
After my braids were done Mummy & Daddy went to say good bye to Tava from Activities. Tava was at the Outrigger when Mummy & Daddy went there for their honeymoon. Tava was sad to see us go & told us to “Please come back”.
When we got back to the foyer our transfer was waiting for us.
So we drove about 20 minutes to get to the Shangri-La.
It was raining really heavy when we first arrived but after we checked in & got to our rooms the rain stopped.
After we unpacked we went for a swim at the beach. Then we walked down to the Coral pool for a swim. The coral pool is an Infinity pool where the water flows over the edge. It looks really cool because it looks like the pool meets the beach.
We then went to the Black Marlin bar for a drink & for the kids disco.
After that we went to the Takali Restaurant for tea. We met a man named Wise who plays the ukelele, he even remembered us from last year when we stayed here.
When we got back to our room the maids had been to our room to drop off a welcome fruit bowl & to turn our beds down.
Now it is time for bed.
Moce :)

Last night at the Outrigger

Today I had corn flakes and toast for breakfast. It was very yummy.
After breakfast we visited the local kindergarden at Andra. We donated 30 smile dentist bags kindly donated by Pacific smiles, chalk, pencils, textas, pens and lead pencils. They were very appreciative. I made a new friend that is in the kindergarden class her named is Nanise. Then we walked around & had a look at the rest of the school. The year 3 teacher asked me if I wanted to spend a few days in his class so that I didn’t miss school. I just laughed.
Then we went to Sigatoka District School. We met the principal named Mrs Wagabuli. We got to see year 1, year 2 and year 3. They performed a few songs for us. We donated chalk, pencils, textas, glue sticks, erasers, pens & lolly pops. It was great to see both schools. They love having visitors & they really love having photos taken. We have both schools email addresses so we can email photos to them.
The sign in the tree at the District School said Do not climb. You are not a monkey. I thought that was funny.
School in Fiji is very different to our school. We are very lucky to have smart boards, ipods, ipads, sporting equipment & everything else that we have.
After we visited the schools we went shopping in Sigatoka. We bought some tomatoes from the markets they were only $1 fJ for a whole bag. Which is very cheap beacause 1 Australian dollar is $1.70 Fijian. The chocolate in Fiji is very expensive. It is about $13 a block.
We bought a few snacks from the supermarket then we went back to the resort.
When we got back we had lunch & yes you guessed it I had Papas chocolate cake again.
Then Nanny, Mummy & I went shopping at the resort. The local Fijian ladies set up market stalls through the resort selling jewellery that they have made. I bought lots of bracelets for my cousins. I hope that they like them.
After shopping we went for a swim. It was so nice in the pool. We played a splat ball game that Penny bought Kayden for his birthday. It was fun.
After our swim we went back to our room to get changed & then the Talai butler service came to give us our daily drinks & canapes.
At 6 o’clock we went down to the pool area for the torch lighting. Kayden & I got to light some of the torches with a fire stick.
When we went to the Sundowner Bar for tea the staff & the serenader sang the traditional farewell song to us because that was our last meal there before we go th the Shangri La tomorrow. The name of the song is Isa Lei.
Moce (good night)

Day 8

I had waffles & ice cream for breakfast. It was so yummy.
After breakfast we went on a golf buggy to go to the Kula Eco park. We went there last year as well but it was so much fun that we wanted to go back again. I held a Fijian Boa snake. It was cool. It loved Kayden, it even gave Kayden a kiss. I also got to hold a a crested Iguana & a banded Iguana. The banded Iguanas names were Ben & Gwen. The crested Iguanas names were Wilma & Fred. The Fijian Iguanas are endangered species & Kula Eco park have a breeding program to keep them from becoming extinct. Many years ago an animal called a Mongoose was introduced to Fiji to get rid of a certain Fijian beetle but instead they killed a lot of the Iguanas. I learnt today that Iguanas live for 18-20 years, that they lay eggs & it takes 7-8 months for them to hatch. Iguanas start breeding when they are 3 years old & they can have babies every 2 years. Male banded Iguanas have colorful green stripes on them but females are plain green. But the crested Iguanas both have stripes. When we held them they liked to crawl on us some of them liked being on our head, some liked our shoulders & some liked our hands. After we held the iguanas & snake we walked around looking at Fijian birds, fish, ducks, peacocks & more. Some of the animals were hard to spot because they camouflage themselves really well. Nanny, Poppy, Kayden & I went on a really rocky bridge. It was fun jumping across the bridge. After our walk we fed the Fijian turtles. They like to eat lettuce & fish. The turtles that we fed were 3 years old. They live until they are 120 years old. Kula Eco park breed the turtles then release them into the sea to stop them from becoming extinct. We then got a golf buggy back to the resort, the golf buggy goes in a tunnel under the road to get us back to the resort. I love going on the buggy’s. When we got back we went to the pool lawn to do tye dying. We picked our shirt size & type of pattern. Then we got to choose our colours. Our shirts look really cool. While we waited for them to dry we had some lunch at the Baravi. Guess what? I had Papas chocolate cake again. It is so yummy. After lunch, Mummy & Nanny went & did some washing while Poppy, Daddy, Kayden & I played tennis. It was so much fun, but we had to stop playing because there was a little sun shower. Then we went back to our room & got ready to go out for tea. We went to Kokos restaurant on the sunset strip at Korotogo. When we got there the sun was setting, it looked beautiful. We had some photos taken on the beach & we met some local Fijian kids that were swimming in the ocean. They were having so much fun together. Our tea was very yummy. Now it is time for bed :) Moce (good bye or good night)